Small Size Antique Persian Malayer Rug 48932


Size: 4 ft 2 in x 6 ft 3 in (1.27 m x 1.9 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Small Size Beautiful Antique Persian Malayer Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 1910 – True to the traditional style of many other Persian Malayer rugs, this wonderful Persian carpet uses vibrant colors and contrasting forms to create definition and interest. The rug features only one border, which is outlined by the presence of several smaller gold borders on its exterior and interior. Inside the larger border is a field of powder blue, containing gracefully dancing vines, leaves and petals, all connected along a single waving line. Beyond the border of this beautiful antique rug is a gorgeous landscape of colors and floral figures. Ruby red, forest green and gentle blue are used to define the primary space within the piece. A darker shade of blue acts as the backdrop while the other arboreal elements flourish, their petals close enough to establish a vibrant palette while staying far enough to allow the midnight blue of the background to act as an outline between points of contact.

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