Fine Small Scatter Size Formal Navy Blue Luxurious Silk Persian Qum Rug 49414

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Size: 3 ft 4 in x 5 ft (1.02 m x 1.52 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Intricate Small Scatter Size Navy Background Silk Persian Qum Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Modern Persian Rug, Circa Date: Late 20th Century – This intricately designed modern Persian silk Qum rug is considered to be modern Persian rug, as it was woven in the 20th century. This fine modern Persian silk rug features features a stunning fine delicate patterns that include floral designs, filigree, as well as vines and other nature-inspired design elements. The most striking colors within this Persian rug are the vibrant shades of red and navy, which compliment each other well within the design of this beautiful small scatter size rug. The focal point of this rug is the large medallion shaped red design in the center which features extremely delicate details that create a stunning appearance in this fine silk rug.

The main field of this modern silk Persian Qum rug is on a navy blue ground, which is contrasted by the red in the center as well as along the thick border. The coordination between the red in the border as well as within the center design creates a very visually interesting back and forth between the deep red and rich navy blue.

This small size vintage Persian silk Qum rug boasts and exciting array of rich colors that could easily complement most interior décor schemes. The silk rug threads are spun to a fineness that allows the weavers to actually create extremely fine high quality area rugs which then enable them to pay attention to the tiniest of details in the design. This gives this vintage Persian silk rug a level of complexity that would not be possible had it been woven using wool or cotton.

Even though this is a small size rug, the level of detail reflects the craftsmanship and time that it took to create it. The detail of this magnificent Persian rug creates a sense of elegance that makes it standout as a masterful work of textile art. It takes its place in collections as a unique piece that reflects the traditions and culture of a people who created it.

Beautiful reds, blues and ivory accentuate the details of the vine scroll designs. The design of the silk rug demonstrates a perfectly symmetrical layout that illustrates the highlights level of intricacy found in Persian rugs. It also invites the viewer to come closer and examine the fine detail in each individual motif.

The most striking feature of the vintage Persian silk Qum rug is the central rug medallion motif that works to draw the eye both inward and outward at the same time. This effect is created through the use of color and form that interconnect the individual shapes that comprise the multitude of layers within the medallion itself. This gives more formal area rugs like this a sense of movement within the piece.

This masterpiece represents the very best area rugs of Persia. It makes a definitive statement about the exquisite taste of the person who is sophisticated enough to owns it.

People who buy area rugs and appreciate the more fine and intricate area rugs, this navy blue color silk Persian Qum rug would make phenomenal option especially for those who love truly luxurious area rugs.

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