Small Scatter Size Floral Red Vintage Persian Sarouk Rug 48271

Size: 2 ft 2 in x 4 ft 4 in (0.66 m x 1.32 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Small Scatter Size Finely Woven Floral Red Vintage Persian Sarouk Rug, Country Of Origin: Persia, Circa date: Mid-20th CenturyPersian rugs, primarily red ones like this Sarouk rug, have been circulating the market since the 20th century. This particular small scatter size rug was made in the mid-20th century making it a vintage treasure. The Sarouk style Persian rug really makes it an eye catching, short runway.

Lining the edges of the vintage mid century rug are two rectangular borders lighter in color engorging small but elegant floral-like designs within the highlights of the borders. In-between the two lighter edges are more detailed elegant floral designs similar to the ones within the lighter lining. The area in-between the two lighter edges with the detailed designs is shaded a bit darker than the main area of the vintage Persian Sarouk rug , allowing it to properly compliment the diamond shaped center. The center of this Oriental rug can be explained as the visual equivalent to the echo of a diamond. Designs inside the shape of diamonds radiate from the center diamond structure. These so-called echoes alternate in their shade to create a noticeable diamond shaped over-lapping sequence, coming out of the center like a diamond ripple in water where you step.

The distinctive white trim around the many rug designs in the diamond area also branches out like leaves or flames from a fire, so slight in its form that it’s able to compliment the patterns of flowers within the trim. The term ‘floral patterns’ in recent days seems limiting, but looking at the structure of this rug with floral patterns resembling ferns, hibiscus flowers, roses, lotus flowers, and flowers the average mind can’t name, it’s no wonder this design has stayed popular since the beginning of the 20th century. The designs, shadings, and floral pictures of this vintage Persian Sarouk rug are beyond time.

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