Room Size Antique Persian Sarouk Carpet 70028


Size: 9 ft 2 in x 12 ft (2.79 m x 3.66 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A Beautiful Jewel Tone Colored Room Size Antique Persian Sarouk Rug, Country of Origin / Rugs Type: Antique Persian Rugs, Circa Date: 1920 – The brilliant tones of this antique Persian Sarouk carpet from around the 1920’s adds a splash of color to any design. This antique Persian rug is reminiscent of the patchwork designs that were popular during the Arts and Crafts period in the United States. During this time, unique handmade items were a popular design element. This antique rug with its many different sections in the field and complex design in the borders would fit right in.

The traditional design is based on a central medallion motif with radiating geometric shapes stretching the entirety of the field. The main border of this beautiful antique room size rug is equal in design complexity to the field. This makes them appear to have equal weight in the design, with one complementing the other, instead of one overpowering the other. This gives the rug a sense of balance, even though the design is complex. Horizontal and vertical symmetry highlight the sense of balance in the design.

This antique Oriental rug is a spectacular statement piece featuring midnight blues, sky blues, browns, salmons, and reds in a wide array of hues and tones. The use of color within the rug is balanced, but it is not always mirrored in the motifs. Each motif has a counterpart on the opposite side of the antique Persian Sarouk carpet, but the field of the motif is reversed in some cases, but not always. This gives the rug a sense of order, but something new to look at wherever the eye may wander.

This antique Persian Sarouk rug is a fascinating piece with a fascinating treatment of color and design. It would make a beautiful addition to any home or office with its beautifully executed classic design.

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