Small Scatter Size Antique Oriental Chinese Carpet 2608

Size: 3 ft 2 in x 4 ft 11 in (0.97 m x 1.5 m)
Origin: China

On this lovely antique Oriental Chinese rug a delicate, lace-like pattern of abstract ivory clouds, dragons, leaves, and flowers unfolds across a warm cinnamon ground.

Small Antique Oriental Chinese Carpet, Country of Origin: China, Circa Date: Early 20th Century – This antique Oriental carpet has origins in China in the early 20th century. The  Chinese rug itself is fairly small but features a gorgeous intricate design. The design itself is reminiscent of lace-inspired patterns, and features both natural and floral elements as well as some abstract elements.

The center of the small scatter size rug features the more abstract lace-like design elements, with the edges showcasing the more bold floral-inspired designs. The antique rug features a few different colors which adds to the bold appearance of the pattern. It has a warm feeling overall due to the addition of reddish oranges as well as warmer neutral ivory tones. The cinnamon color of the reddish orange stands out nicely against the lighter ivory colors giving this piece a very bold and eye catching pattern.

The rug design pattern shows an impeccable symmetry, showcasing the amount of skill that would be required to create such a complex pattern and keep it symmetrical. The pattern itself seems very delicate due to the complexity of the elements, especially because of the fact that the antique Oriental Chinese carpet itself is actually rather small.

The bold colors make the pattern have almost a graphic feel to it, which helps demonstrate how interesting a bold pattern can be to look at. The pattern seems to emerge from the center in an almost circular fashion, which helps to create a strong draw toward the center. The history of this antique Oriental Chinese carpet is visible in the amount of time and effort that clearly went into creating these delicate and beautiful patterns.

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