Geometric Antique Chinese Art Deco Rug 71442


Size: 3 ft x 6 ft (0.91 m x 1.83 m)
Origin: China

Small Geometric and Beautifully Happy Colored Antique Chinese Deco Rug, Rug’s Country of Origin: China, Rug date / Circa: 1920 -This striking small size Chinese rug incorporates the geometric elements of the Art Deco style. It was woven during the 1920’s, around the same time when the iconic Art Deco movement hit the international scene.

This beautiful Art Deco Chinese rug features a striking array of geometric lines. An array of happy colors stand out in the foreground, drawing the eye into the center of this extremely artistic art deco piece. Tessellating tiles decorated with a juxtaposed combination of contrasting colors decorate the field of this precisely designed and rendered rug. This sophisticated Chinese rug features a series of interlocking blocks that create a staggered tile pattern across the field.

The carefully arranged colors and delicate place markers featuring colorful rosettes add to the definition of this complex geometric pattern. Stepped lozenges woven in a combination of azure blue, plum, magenta, red, taupe and saffron yellow create a formal allover pattern that is both tasteful and timeless. Woven in a truly cosmopolitan style that defies geographic stereotypes, this unique Chinese rug from the 1930s is a versatile, modern creation that is capable of complementing many interior styles both modern and classical.

The actual design is quite minimalist and makes use of negative space an color block rather than ornate colorful patterns. The wonderful art deco rug from China seeks to impress the viewer without overwhelming the eye. The geometric rug designs are almost industrial, reminiscent of concrete designs and towering buildings made of metal and stone. This Chinese Art Deco rug as a whole gives the distinct impression of being something straight out of the city, an abstract impression of urban life.

This small size area rug is a magnificent artistic accomplishment. The way the colors and designs are put together to compliment each other, along with use of geometric design that are created through the use of outlines is simply breathtaking.  It is a remarkable art deco Chinese rug that is sure to put a smile of the faces of the people who see it.

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