Small Classic Ivory And Blue Color Antique Artistic Animal Design Chinese Rug 72063

Size: 2 ft x 4 ft (0.61 m x 1.22 m)
Origin: China

Beautiful Animal Design Antique Chinese Rug, Country of Origin: China, Circa Date: 1900 – Here is a sublimely beautiful, traditional antique Oriental rug – an antique Chinese piece, featuring a splendid scenic animal rug design composition. This antique Chinese rug is especially remarkable for its gorgeous coloration – for while the general composition is traditional among Chinese rugs, pieces such as this are generally characterized by a sort of mono-chromatism, wherein the animals are generally colored in either a shade of blue similar to that found in the border, or in otherwise paler tones more consistent with the background color of the field. This piece is rather different, featuring a gorgeously colored scene in which a dappled deer, with a a beautiful brown and white coat, stares off wistfully; meanwhile, an absolutely splendid bird perches elegantly atop a bush, neck fully extended toward the high lives of a knotty tree. Animals carry a great deal of cultural symbolism in China, and, subsequently, the appearance and arrangement of animals in a Chinese carpet is important. The auspicious bird and deer carry with them a grace and tranquility, as well as a powerful cunning and intelligence. Traditional and unique at the same time, this antique Chinese rug is a delightful work.

This beautiful small artistic area rug from China featuring a vibrant animal composition, which dates back to the turn of the twentieth century. Nestled inside a traditional floral border, a sweet fauns look back at playful bats who seem to dancing and fluttering happily above them. A peaceful, zig-zagging landscape sprawls beneath the creatures, punctuated by tall, sturdy trees and a collection of rounded boulders. Woven in classic blues and ivories, this delightful Chinese animal design carpet is a wonderful example of Chinese art..

More than just pleasing to the eye, the scene depicted on this antique rug is ripe with symbolism: In the Chinese tradition, animals are used to represent many different human aspirations, and the creatures in this stunning scene are no exception: The Chinese word for deer, lu, also translates as the Chinese word for income; When combined with their reputation as an animal capable of great endurance, it is not surprising that in Chinese folklore, the inclusion of a deer has come to represent a long and prosperous life.

Similarly, cranes, for example, are said to symbolize determination and longevity — black Chinese cranes in particular, as opposed to the three other common folkloric crane colors (white, yellow, and blue), are believed to be capable of living up to six-hundred years. When depicted with clouds, cranes additionally become symbols of wisdom and nobility — this gorgeous antique rug is sure to bring an auspicious future to anyone lucky enough to display it in their home!

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