Rustic Tribal Allover Design Lareg Size Antique 19th Century Caucasian Soumak Carpet 43230

Size: 10 ft 8 in x 15 ft (3.25 m x 4.57 m)

This extraordinary antique Caucasian Soumak has a staggered design of blue diamond medallions closely set against a red ground.

Antique Caucaisn Soumak Carpet, Caucasus, Circa: late 19th century – Caucasian flatwoven carpets in the Sumak technique are famed for their rendering of classic Turkish medallion and Persian floral carpet designs. This extraordinary example, however, has what appears to be a very unusual allover red lattice design  set against a soft blue ground, with radial patterns within each lattice compartment.

A closer look of this antique Caucasian Sumak carpet, reveals that the design is a staggered pattern of blue diamond medallions closely together against a red field that hardly shows through. The crisp geometric drawing is precise and exacting, in the best tradition of Caucasian Soumaks. The floral rosette border, and minor vinescroll borders add a Persian touch, but with the same coloration and drawing as the field, giving the enire piece a remarkably unified decorative emphasis.

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