Round Oval Blue Antique Oriental Chinese Rug 47987

Size: 3 ft x 5 ft 2 in (0.91 m x 1.57 m)
Origin: China

This highly traditional antique Chinese oval round rug is characterized by a simple and balanced design, as well as a notable patina.

Beautiful Round Oval Blue Antique Oriental Chinese Rug, Country Of Origin: China, Circa: 1920 –  This magnificent blue rug is defined by both its unique oval format and its utilization of highly traditional Chinese designs and colors, this antique Oriental carpet is both a distinct example, and an exemplary piece of classical Chinese rug weaving. The simple and straightforward design of this round oval carpet begins with the simplest of all borders – a heavy black band that runs around the entire perimeter of the rug. Within this border, one encounters a highly traditional Chinese inner border, the ivory and gold coloration and intricate drawing of which serves as an excellent foil to the outer border of black. The round oval blue antique Oriental Chinese rug itself is colored blue throughout, and has developed a beautiful patina with its age. A traditionally auspicious Chinese symbol stands at the exact center of this Oriental Chinese rug, lending a sense of balance and focus.

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