Red Background Tribal Antique Sarkoy Turkish Kilim Rug 50655

Size: 8 ft x 9 ft 8 in (2.44 m x 2.95 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs
Style: Kilim Rugs

A remarkable red color background Turkish tribal antique flat woven kilim rug

Beautiful Red Background Tribal Antique Sarkoy Turkish Kilim Flat Weave Area Rug, Kilim Origin: Turkey, Kilim Date: 1920’s – A repeating, tribal pattern crosses the bright red-orange field of this antique Turkish rug. Alternating direction with each staggered row, the geometric figures are rendered in pure white, red and black, with accents of yellow and green for contrast. Small jagged shapes in black with thin, white outlines repeat alongside the larger, more complex decorations. The bright field of this antique rug is enclosed with pair of borders, each with zigzagging edges. The inner border of this tribal Turkish antique Kilim rug is backed with black, showcasing tilted cube-like forms picked out with vivid colors. A creamy white band outside this is wider, with the same colors depicting ornate tribal shapes, tightly packed against one another to fill the border with a colorful array.

This bright red and black color Turkish kilim is an interesting flat weave area rug from the fist quarter of the 20th century. It uses a traditional and more primitive Turkish rug design motifs with stylized palmette rug design motifs. The high contrast colors make each component of the designs stand out and explode with much energy and vigor. This rich red carpet has a classic, yet modernized look in the way the geometric floral motifs are carried out and in the abstract quality of the design.

This carpet uses a wider range of colors and tones than one traditionally finds in the older antique rugs. A kilim is a flat weave rug and does not have pile. It is produced using a technique that is similar to tapestry weaving. It involves using an alternating over and under technique where the design that is produced by switching colors according to the design.

The theme of the design is in alignment with traditional Turkish artistic ideology, but the flowers are rendered in an abstract way that reflects the creative influences of the mid-20th century. It is an excellent example of an Oriental carpet that combines traditional Turkish rug designs with contemporary abstract design into a single piece. This allows it to be used in both traditional and modern designs.

The modern stylized floral motifs, of this exciting antique flat woven Sarkoy Turkish kilim rug, allow it to fit well with contemporary designs such as Scandinavian, modern, or minimalist. The vibrant colors will draw attention to the room. It has a modern appeal, yet the floral patterns give it a softness that allows it to add a formal element without having adding rigidity and sharp angles to the design. This is a versatile red Turkish kilim rug that will be a striking addition to any traditional or modern room that needs a piece to serve as a central focal point of the space.

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