Rare Oversized Art Deco English Continental Vintage Rug 2307

Size: 15 ft 9 in x 27 ft 4 in (4.8 m x 8.33 m)

The lovely, soft, rosy magenta and saffron coloration of the field of this Art Deco rug is repeated in the border, but re-contextualized there as it is set dramatically on a black ground that firmly anchors the overwhelming feeling of exuberance of the field.

Rare Oversized Vintage Art Deco English Continental Rug, Country of Origin: England, Circa Date: Early 20th Century – This rare Art Deco rug is based on a Persian carpet design, but it is an English continental carpet created in the early 20th century. The design mimics elements of the Persian rugs, but several features give them away, one of them is the use of color, particularly lavenders, oranges and pinks. Persian carpets were popular in the Victorian era, and they experienced a revival as an answer to the mass-produced rugs of the late 1800s. Persian carpets served as design inspiration and experienced a revival in the early part of the 20th century. Only in this revival, the colors are bold, and the designs mimicked those found in Art Deco stained glass and architectural details.

The British Art Deco movement was distinctively different from that in the Americas and featured bolder geometric and floral designs, as with this example. The British movement was less subdued than those produced for sale in America. This Continental carpet has an all-over pattern with a repeating motif. It is based on layers of geometric designs and floral motifs. A repeating feather and the motif sets are similar to those found in other architecture, mirrors, and in the details of buildings. It uses stylized Art Deco motifs throughout and simple lines to define the shapes.

This is a spectacular English carpet for its use of color and exceptional detail. It has a balanced feel, and a dark border serves as a frame for the brilliant field. It has a formal feel and would be perfectly at home in a home filled with traditional and vintage pieces that are contemporary to the rug. It is a fabulous collectible that will brighten any space with its unique palette.

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