Rare Antique 17th Century Ottoman Textile Embroidery 41498


Size: 3 ft 2 in x 6 ft (0.97 m x 1.83 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Delightfully vibrant and energetic, this textile is exciting and complex in pattern and unfolds throughout in exquisite detail.

A Refined Yet Rustic Antique Ottoman Textile Embroidery, Country Of Origin: Turkey, Circa Date: 17th Century -This antique Ottoman textile, is more like a beautiful work of ancient textile art than anything else. The beautiful array of warm colors and against the soft cream background color creates a soft and welcoming juxtaposition. The feel as if the motifs are whispering for one to come closer, to examine, to feel. It speaks and says, “Someone, over 300 years ago, made me with their own two hands.” If one answers the call and looks closely, it is easy to see the tell tale signs of a hand-crafted antique Ottoman embroidery textile. Each line is slightly off true. Each figure, from the flowers to the paisley design motifs, are in and of themselves quite asymmetrical and just a little bit uneven at the same time. Yet, when viewed as a whole, the overall effect is so lovely and inviting. It is an antique textile embroidery that begs to be seen and loved.

Anatolian Peninsula weavings, such as this, bring to mind more fascinating and historical interior designs. The rustic look of this antique Ottoman embroidery textile evokes the nimble but gnarled hands of a weaver painstakingly crafting the design thread by thread, perhaps passing the skills on to the next generation as this piece was being woven.

This early Ottoman embroidered textile summons an image of days past and of warm afternoon light on stone walls. It recalls children eating baklava or flatbread on low cushioned benches, playing traditional board games such as Tawula (Turkish for backgammon) or Satranc (Turkish for Chess).

Here the dark tones and bold prints one usually associates with traditional Turkish rugs is absent. In their place is something light, delicate, rustically refined and almost ethereal. The allure of this piece is not in its lavishness, but in its quiet sophisticated charm.

Delightfully vibrant and energetic, this textile showcases its exciting and complex pattern that unfolds throughout in exquisite detail. Effectively divided into three long and narrow portions, this antique Ottoman textile is an intriguing composition, the energy of which moves vertically through the narrow spaces, which are demarcated with subtle yet dynamic borders. Both the pallet and the subject matter – reds, blues and ivory; and flowers – are popular in Ottoman textiles, though their treatment here is unique and compelling. Both the outer borders and the internal borders feature a pattern of alternating blue paisleys and flowers with dazzling red petals. A similar pattern is carried on outside of the borders, though the paisleys here are dramatically larger. Beautifully blossoming vine scrolls unfold throughout the textile, the complexity of which is dazzling. A beautiful example, this antique Ottoman textile is an truly compelling work.

This antique 17th century Ottoman textile is perfect for people who buy rugs and textiles for their home or to enhance their collection. For the more practical among us, this extremely artistic, rare beautiful and Ottoman rustic weaving would make an especially beautiful wall hanging tapestry, or a table cover and even a fabulous bed spread.

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