Poly Chromatic Legs and Re-Curved Claws Design Antique Laos Textile 46343

Size: 3 ft x 4 ft 4 in (0.91 m x 1.32 m)

Subtle crab symbols with auspicious powers create a graphic repeating pattern that decorates this beautifully colored and artfully composed antique Laotian textile.

Antique Textile, Laos, Early 20th Century – Benevolent crab motifs with poly chromatic legs and re curved claws adorn this exquisite antique Laotian textile. These auspicious motifs with their decorative appendages and intricately patterned lozenge-shaped bodies are said to represent an abundant harvest. These graphic repeating motifs, which feature beautifully alternating color schemes, are separated by rows of intricately patterned stripes that have a beautiful gradient appearance. The pure, saturated colors featured in the angular crab motifs are artfully counterbalanced by the strong, clear fuchsia-pink colors, which create a vibrant, festive background. Mineral brocade details adorn the deep, dark onyx end piece that completes the elaborate composition of this outstanding antique Laotian textile.

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