Plush Textured Gray Modern Boho Chic Room Size Rug 142793504

Size: 11 ft x 14 ft (3.35 m x 4.27 m)

A Beautiful Plush Textured Gray Modern Boho Chic Room Size Rug, Rug Type / Origin: Central Asian Rug, Circa Date: New Rug – The deep and dramatic color and texture of this gorgeous Boho chic rug can be the start of a room that is beautiful and trendy. News among interior designers is that gray is the new black. It is the perfect answer to sticking with neutral colors, but in a more calming way than with black. Layers of texture within the space can make smaller spaces seem cozy, and they can bring down the scale of larger spaces to make them more intimate. This is the perfect rug for design trends from contemporary to Boho chic.

Today’s design trends begin with a carpet that sets the tone of the room. Geometrics and neutrals are being used to support colorful, jewel-toned furniture and accessories for a room that is charismatic and energetic. They are also forming the foundation of Bohemian and eclectic styles because of their ability to support different colors and patterns.

The texture of this rug is created by areas of plain weave and areas of hand-knotted pile weave. This high and low effect has a modern look and the quality that you expect from a hand-made artisanal rug. This is a beautiful piece for the contemporary home or office with streamlined furniture and clean lines. It would also be the perfect way to define a space in an open office or studio. The color is rich and versatile, lending itself to support neutrals, or to bring down the tone of a room filled with black and white patterns.

This modern rug is a beautiful piece with a luxurious feel. It has a soft look that is soothing and serene, yet updated and modern. It would also work well in an updated retro space, too. This rug opens the design possibilities within the space and will create an inviting sanctuary that is restful and serene.

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