Pictorial Imam Ali Silk and Wool Vintage Tabriz Persian Rug 49613

Size: 3 ft 3 in x 5 ft (0.99 m x 1.52 m)

Beautiful Imam Ali Pictorial Silk and Wool Vintage Tabriz Persian Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rug, Circa Date: Mid – 20th Century – This beautiful vintage Persian rug features Imam Ali seated in the desert sand. Ali was considered by Shia Muslims as the rightful and immediate successor to prophet Muhammad. He was Muhammad’s cousin and the son in law and ruled from 656 to 661 as the fourth caliph. On 26 January, 661, Ali was assassinated by an Egyptian Kharijite, Ibn Muljam, at the great mosque of Kufa, located in Kufa Iraq.

With only one of his sandals poking out from under his clothes as he sits, his arms are outstretched as his face is haloed by the desert sun against the background sky behind him in a pale baby blue. Imam Ali is dressed in red, white and green garb which is inline with the colors in Islamic flags.

The image of Imam Ali is surrounded by a narrow circular oval shaped guard border frame of elegant plant like patterns. The frame itself is a faded rose colored background, while the vine scroll plant patterns are cream and teal blue in color.

This circular pictorial part of this Islamic art piece is nestled within a square of dark green. This creates a magnificent juxtaposition where the pictorial rug section feel is like it is almost deeper and further away. As if we are looking through a stain glass window out at the figure who is sitting off in a more distant location.

Embroidered into the green are yellow kufic designs.  Upon closer examination, these patterns are actually calligraphy and represent religious Koranic verses. The yellow pen-like strokes are very detailed and fill up a much of the green space of this impressive silk and wool rug. The green and yellow center section of this vintage Tabriz Persian rug is encased withing a free flowing red, yellow and blue rectangular frame.

Outside the red, yellow, and blue frame is a charcoal colored border. Here we see more religious writings in white which stand out in stark contrast against the darker background color.  The writing throughout the vintage Persian Tabriz rug is quite elegant and exacting, as if written with a fine pen. This crispness can only be achieved in a rug of this high quality and knot count.

On the midpoints of the Persian Tabriz rug, both lengthwise and width-wise, we see red emblems. These emblems are almost heart shaped, with more cream colored brushstroke patterns of unique Koranic verses decorating the interior of each one of these heart shaped emblems.

In each one of the corners of the rug we see more emblems, this time in a powdered blue color. As is the case with the other emblems, these also feature their own quotes from the Koran – this time written out in a beautiful green color and encased on a soft earthy colored frame outlined with gold marking the corners of the rug.

While this vintage Tabriz Persian rug was woven as a fine Persian carpet, it’s beautiful crisp imagery and historical references make it a great candidate to be hung on the wall as a pictorial tapestry rug.

Regardless of its application, this is hands down one truly spectacular and impressive work of textile art. One can almost feel the quality and appreciate the shear amount of attention to detail that went into creating this masterfully woven rug.

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