Oversized Oriental Palace Size Antique Persian Kerman Carpet 50112

Size: 16 ft 5 in x 29 ft 6 in (5 m x 8.99 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A captivating Kerman rug boats a vase-like tree motifs that make up the body of the piece, with flowering branches spiraling off of one another in playful perfection. Gentle colors add character and depth to the piece, with creams and scarlet accented by the rich use of lapis and buttermilk. The antique rug’s quiet beauty is further accentuated by the use of delightful jewel tones.

Large Palace Size Size Antique Persian Kerman Carpet, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rugs, Circa Date: 1900 – This exquisite palace sized antique Persian Kerman carpet is a fine example of the stylistic characteristics of the 19th century. This rug uses beautiful colors in reds, blues, browns, and ivories in an overall design that lend a sense of scale to the room and to the rug itself. This antique Persian rug is an excellent addition to a formal room that needs a rug big enough to balance larger architectural elements.

This antique palatial oversized rug has several interesting features. First off, it uses the geometry of rectangles to create compartments. Each of these compartments contains a repeating pattern of various design motifs. It uses shading to create the effect of rippling water as one element, and a Millefleur type design in others. The antique Persian Kerman rug uses multiple layers of borders to add to the complexity of the design.

The complexity of the design allows the rug to be viewed and appreciated from both a distance and upon an up-close examination. The rug uses both horizontal and vertical symmetry, although the central focal point is not highlighted and is achieved by placement of one of the overall design elements. The focal point of the central element of the rug does not stand out, but rather blends in the complexity created by the overall design. This helps to give the oversized antique rug a sense of larger scale, rather than having a central element that draws the eye with the center of the rug. Instead, the lines of this Persian Kerman rug work to draw the eye to the outer edges of the rug, which makes it look bigger. This Persian Kerman rug is an excellent addition to any room that features a grand scale and larger architectural features.

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