Oversized Geometric Modern Moroccan Rug 61010

Size: 15 ft 7 in x 20 ft 8 in (4.75 m x 6.3 m)

Magnificently Artistic Oversized Geometric Design Modern Moroccan Rug, Country / Origin: Afghanistan, Circa: Modern – This magnificent work of contemporary textile art for your floor is the culmination of traditions that go back many centuries. The piece is inspired by the Moroccan rugs of the Beni Ourain people who live in the Atlas Mountains. Many of them continue to live a life that is similar to that of their ancient ancestors. They are known for creating beautiful rugs that have inspired the world of interior design for several decades.

The popularity of Moroccan rugs was at its peak in the mid-20th century when designers were drawn to their primitive, geometric shapes and simple designs. They were used to soften the lines of mid century modern rooms with hard surfaces and sharp angles. They provided an earthiness that made the room feel warm and inviting. This is the same reason why they have remained popular over the years and why we still love them today.

Traditional Moroccan rugs were limited in size by the carpet looms that were available to the tribal cultures. This collection of contemporary modern Moroccan area rugs allows you to have these beautiful designs, only, you can have them on a larger scale that is more suited to modern interiors. This modern area rug would be the perfect piece for defining an open, modern multi functional space.

This piece combines the simplicity and geometric shapes found in vintage Moroccan area rugs with modern design concepts. The result is a piece that has all of the things that make Moroccan rugs so appealing but in a way that is also in line with contemporary design trends. The colors in this rug from Afghanistan are playful, and the design could easily be a modern abstract piece.

This inspired oversized modern Moroccan rug has a neutral background with brilliant colors throughout the design. Neutrals continue to be a popular trend, but now, designers are using strategically placed splashes of color throughout the room to add interest and give it a more modern feel. This oversized area rug is the perfect piece for bringing this popular trend into your space.

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