Oversized Finely Woven Luxurious Vivid Jewel Tone Color Antique Persian Kashan Rug 49231

Size: 13 ft 5 in x 21 ft 7 in (4.09 m x 6.58 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A resplendent, oversized rug option, this antique Persian rug offers a poly-chromatic quilted effect to bring vibrancy to any space.

Magnificent Oversized Antique Kashan Persian Rug 49231, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 1900 -The vibrant colors of this antique Persian Kashan carpet were created around the turn of the century. It has a unique design that will make a statement in any room. Kashan was established as a weaving center in the 17th century, but the traditional designs found in its carpets go back much farther.

Carpet weaving in Kashan began in the 16th century, but from about the early 1700s through that end of the 19th century, few carpets were produced in the area. With the revival of the antique Persian carpet weaving industry in the late 1800s, Kashan looms once again, producing masterpieces.

Kashan carpets fall into two major categories. The first uses traditional colors and patterns that resemble pieces from earlier centuries. The second category uses nontraditional colors and designs. This group is the most value of Kashan carpets and the category under which this one falls.

This carpet uses a colorful repeating all over design pattern based on repeating geometric patterns. The Garden of Paradise is a common source of inspiration for Kashan weavers and was the inspiration for the abundance of plants in this carpet, but the treatment of the theme is nontraditional.

This carpet creates an eye-catching visual impact with its colors. Throughout the design, you will notice stylized willow trees that are arranged to make them look like flickering flames from a distance. This gives the piece motion and reflects incredible artistic skill. The rug motifs and symbols in the design are reminiscent of the tiles found throughout the Islamic world.

This piece will create a definitive visual impact in the room. The style could be used in traditional, historical, or modern designs. It would be the perfect piece to add a splash of color and texture to a Boho chic design. This is a carpet that does not come around often.

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