Oversized Fine Weave Wool and Silk Pile Vintage Persian Tabriz Hunting Scene Design Rug 51117

Size: 16 ft 9 in x 26 ft 9 in (5.11 m x 8.15 m)

Like so many brilliant Persian rugs, this vintage Tabriz rug houses a multitude of details and forms.

Intricately Woven Oversized Wool and Silk Pile Hunting Scene Vintage Persian  Tabriz Rug 51117, Knots Per Square Inch / KPSI: 600, Rug Origin and Type:  Vintage Persian Rug, Circa Woven Date: Late 20th CenturyTabriz is a city in Northwestern Persia that has roots that go back to the golden era of rug weaving during the Safavid Dynasty. They are known as the home to master artisans who were tasked with creating spectacular works that were used palaces, mosques, and used as diplomatic gifts. The weavers of Tabriz are known for mastery in the art of carpet weaving. They are known for their breathtaking pieces of art, but some of these pieces stand out, even among the masterful works of the area. This is one of them.

This antique area carpet was created in the late 20th century at a time when there was an effort underway to revive the iconic industry of area rug weaving which was an integral part of the famed Safavid Dynasty. This piece is an extraordinary work that features a hunting scene. It has an extremely intricate design at around 600 knots per square inch. This allows for exceptionally fine details that give the plants and animals of the carpet a realistic quality.

The high level of detail in this design is the work of a master weaver, although we may never know his name. The range of colors and rug design motifs used shows a level of skill that can only be gained through years of experience. The size of the carpet is another remarkable feature. This hunting scene rug was more than likely a custom made area rug and might have taken well over a year to complete by a team of highly skilled and proficient Persian rug weavers.

The theme of the carpet is one of abundance and a beautiful Persian garden design of paradise where all human needs are provided. Every symbol in the carpet has a special meaning, stories, and traditions behind it. This an exceptional piece that is almost too beautiful to describe with words. It stands out as a collector’s piece in many ways. It is simply one of those extraordinary pieces that do not come around often. It represents the best of the best from a city known for creating masterpieces that have amazed the world for centuries. Its elegance and exceptional artistry deserve a place of distinction.

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