Oversized Cream Modern Moroccan Style Rug 60336

Size: 18 ft x 26 ft 7 in (5.49 m x 8.1 m)

Gorgeous Oversized Cream Modern Moroccan Style Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – The lovely, earthy colors of the modern Moroccan-style area rug are the perfect touch for creating a space that is both elegant and refined yet has a welcoming feel. The vintage rugs of the Moroccan Beni Ourain tribes of the Atlas Mountains inspired this modern area rug with its geometric form and simplicity in the design. This piece uses the colors of earth and sky in a way that is tranquil and inspiring. This rug is the perfect piece for bringing elements that reflect the natural world into the interior space.

The Moroccan Berber design rug is large enough to fill a bigger room in the home. This oversized area rug would be an excellent addition to add for defining a space in an open-plan home or office. It could easily fit into a space that serves multiple functions throughout the day.

Many of the original vintage Moroccan area rugs were made on looms that were no more than eight feet wide, which allows this piece to fit into spaces that the original Moroccan rugs could not do.

The gentle colors of this modern Moroccan style rug would be the perfect addition to styles that feature nature-inspired designs, including Nordic, wabi-sabi, minimalist, and a more natural Boho chic style. This rug would be the perfect complement any room that features natural, hardwood floors, stone tiles, and other natural accents throughout the space.

If your home is urban and modern, this decorative area rug will soften the hard lines and bring and organic element into the design. This rug holds many possibilities for creating a space that is warm and inviting for guests, or for a weekend of relaxation.

The artist of this tribal design area rug used Moroccan-style vintage pieces as inspiration, which allowed the design to have a more spontaneous feel. Traditionally, designers have used Moroccan style rugs to unite stylistically different elements of the room. This Afghan rug allows you to combine ultramodern, minimalist ones with more natural areas to create a space that expresses your unique personality.

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