New Modern Contemporary Room Size Nepalese Area Rug 46153

Size: 8 ft x 10 ft (2.44 m x 3.05 m)
Origin: Nepal Rugs

Abstract color blocks with wavy, deckled edges create a magnificent allover pattern that spans the border-less field of this stunning contemporary rug from Nepal.

Red Curry Carpet, Nepal, Late Twentieth Century – Here is a vibrant and exciting rug – a contemporary example, woven in Nepal during the final years of the twentieth century. Despite being a modern production, this Nepalese Red Curry carpet is a compelling example, and, aesthetically, a beautiful carpet. This sophisticated modern carpet from Nepal depicts a marvelous abstract pattern that features cubist lines, geometric details, layered patterns and warm earthy colors reminiscent of a striking Klimt-style painting. The wonderfully modern composition is based around a series of cleverly divided stripes that span the field. Golden saffron yellows, somber bole browns and fiery vermillion reds are juxtaposed to create a homogeneous composition. The segmented stripes with their casual lines, slanting details and subtle embellishments are set over a bold vermillion-colored background that creates a stunning layered effect. This exceptional contemporary rug from Nepal showcases a marvelous selection of abstract details that are arranged in a formal pattern, which retains an air of randomness. An exciting modern composition, this Nepalese Red Curry carpet is a compelling and alluring example.

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