Neutral Color Background Oversized Antique Artistic Dragon Design Chinese Rug 46621

Size: 15 ft 4 in x 22 ft (4.67 m x 6.71 m)
Origin: China

Dramatic, wildly stylized dragons and symbolic ornaments adorn this spectacular Chinese carpet, which embodies the glamorous, creative style of the art deco era. Here is a captivating and exceptional antique Oriental rug – an antique Chinese carpet, woven in China during the early years of the twentieth century. An absolutely breath taking antique Oriental rug, this antique Chinese carpet is resplendent with exciting detail work. Borrowing from the new and the old, this palatial Chinese carpet showcases a formal dragon medallion with traditional symbols and design elements that are depicted in a fresh, creative manner. Mauves and bright azures inject the traditional palette of soft camel brown and clear blue with vivid art deco accents. The directional composition features five fantastically detailed dragons accompanied by rur clouds and heavily stylized vapors. These airy and fiery elements are grounded by splashing waves and jutting peaks that provide a sense of balance and tradition. A lone shou symbol protected by the dominant dragon figure marks the center of the field and functions as a creative art deco medallion. This dramatic scene is framed by delicate floral guard-bands and crisp Greek key borders that have the same balance of tradition and invention.

A Magnificently Artistic Oversized Grey Antique Dragon Chinese Rug , Country Of Origin: China, Circa: Early 20th Century –  The spectacular antique Chinese rug of the early 20th century brings together classic Oriental design elements on a soft palate of salmons, blues, and ivories. This pictorial rug highlights Chinese dragon design motifs battling for dominance above in mountainous earthly plane. It features traditional Chinese design elements, such as connecting earth with sky through the use of vertical lines and figures.

Of note is the artistic and fascinating Chinese dragon in the center with an emblem that may represent the royalty, ruler, or person who commissioned the work. The central Dragon is larger and more powerful than the other four the dragons that are depicted in this breathtaking antique rug from China. This may be symbolic of an event, or simply as a demonstration of power.

Tumultuous waves pound the shoreline mountains. Lightning and smoke fills the sky as these creatures battle it out. The Greek key running dog design border may represent a city wall, but the true meaning behind this oversize rug has been lost over time. It is a spectacular piece and would make it excellent addition to an Oriental inspired design, or perhaps in a Chinese Art Deco revival style space.

This breathtaking antique rug from China is of grand scale and features a unique design that was more than likely commissioned to celebrate an event of some type. This rug will be a delightful centerpiece in any room and will be a treasure through many decades to come. Even though the real, or at least original, story behind this oversized grey background color antique dragon Chinese rug may be lost, its true beauty and masterful work has survived through the ages and will continue to do so in the future.

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