Nature Inspired Colors Modern Flat Weave Area Rug 60499

Size: 9 ft 8 in x 16 ft (2.95 m x 4.88 m)

Magnificent Nature Inspired Colors Modern Flat Weave Area Rug, Country of Origin: Modern Persian, Circa date: Modern – The splendid natural grounding colors of this modern flat weave area rug are the perfect compliment for today’s home decorating color trends. The artist created a natural and flowing feel in this kilim rug by using curves that shift and flow together, creating motion throughout. The modern Persian area rug has a feeling of cascading ripples on water on hot summers day.

As the eye moves up the Persian rug, no two areas are the same. The general repetition of the similar rendered shapes creates rhythm, but the ground earthy colors and the dimension of the shapes continually change and shit throughout the carpet. This gives the Persian flat woven rug a truly remarkable artistic and contemporary feel.

This modern Persian kilim rug looks like a modern abstract painting for your floor. The artist used subtle color changes to create defined edges on the piece that act as a subtle frame that is soft on the eyes. This defines the space within the abstract rug, rather than allowing the motion to trail off the edges. This will also help to define the space within the room.

The earthy colors of the modern rug are calming and soft. Neutrals, such as soft greys, tans, browns, white and cream dominate the palette. Deeper shades of greys and browns punctuate the palette and add depth to the piece. The artist also added a pop of pink and blue to break up the neutral tones of the modern flat woven area rug.

This would be the perfect rug for modern color palettes that include earthy colors. It could also easily be used to add a warmer feel to a cooler neutral room, or as a grounding element within a more contemporary and colorful room design. The flowing feel of the kilim creates a serene and peaceful feeling in the room as your eyes move through the shifting colors. It is a gorgeous rug that will brighten any contemporary space and create a feeling of the natural world.

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