Nature Inspired Colors Modern Distressed Rug 60667

Size: 3 ft 11 in x 5 ft 10 in (1.19 m x 1.78 m)

Phenomenal Nature Inspired Colors Modern Distressed Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – This year’s interior design styles are all about using layers of neutral colors and texture throughout the space to create a feeling of coziness and warmth. Today, more than ever, designers are emphasizing texture in everything from the walls to the furniture. This creates a feeling that wraps you in comfort and allows you to enjoy your space in a new way. Interior decorators are encouraging clients to find a unique style that expresses who they are and their unique design taste. This gorgeous, earthy modern area rug has a primitive feel that is cozy and casual.

The artist of this modern distressed rug used popular area rug colors that can easily be matched to unique furniture pieces. You can find velvet sofas, accent chairs, and window treatments in these popular colors online and in your favorite furniture stores. Gray, blue, and brown create an earthy feel that has a calming effect. It evokes a similar feeling as being out in the natural world. As we spend more time in our interior spaces, creating a warm and inviting feel in our homes becomes more important to us. This is the perfect rug for creating this feel in your space.

The design of this rug from Afghanistan is primitive and has an organic, expressionist quality. Each piece in this collection shows traces of the human touch and represents a unique piece of artwork for your floor. This modern distressed rug would be perfect for adding a touch of color to a minimalist space or for an Eco-inspired or Scandinavian design. It has a feeling of simplicity that is perfect for creating a sanctuary away from the rest of the world where you can rest and recharge. It is a gorgeous addition to any room of your home.

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