Modern Turkish Oushak Room Size Rug 60401

Size: 10 ft 4 in x 12 ft 10 in (3.15 m x 3.91 m)

Beautiful Room Size Modern Oushak Rug. Country of Origin: Turkey / Circa Date: Modern – This modern Turkish Oushak rug will help you create a feeling that is relaxed and the perfect respite from the rest of the world. In today’s designs, interior decorators rely on neutral colors and elements found in nature to create a calm feeling within the space. Modern rug designers are turning to the past for inspiration to create area rugs that reflect the weaving tradition of the antique Turkish Oushak rugs. The result is beautiful Turkish rugs that have a grounded feel but are also updated enough for contemporary spaces.

This room size area rug uses traditional designs in a way that allows you to use it in a range of contemporary style trends. The gorgeous blues, greens, and rusts of the rug create an earthy feel that is perfect for Eco-Chic, nature-inspired, organic, and Japanese Wabi-Sabi style rooms. Blue and green are the color of choice for creating a calm and balanced feel. The neutral gray background of this highly decorative and soft rug creates the perfect backdrop for this color palette.

Neutral rooms are a design trend that has been around for several years, and designers continue to turn to it to create a space that is relaxing and calm. Now, they are using color to add interest and highlight the design features of the room. This room-sized rug would be the perfect inspiration for either traditional furniture, or something modern and a bit edgy.

The design has a formal quality that would make the perfect piece for Chippendale or Queen Anne furniture. One of the rules about interior design that holds true for this year is that breaking the rules is the new rule. There is no longer the need to choose a style and stick with it throughout the space. It is important to have a dominant style, but you can also mix elements within the design to give it interest and flavor. This modern room size rug could be used to add a modern flavor to a more traditional space, or you could use it to add traditional elements to a room of modern retro-style furniture. The choice is yours, and this modern Oushak rug is versatile enough that it will adapt to your changing tastes over the years.

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