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Geometric Cream and Silver Modern Boutique Rug 60554 by Nazmiyal NYC

Geometric Cream and Silver Modern Boutique Rug 60554


Size: 13 ft x 18 ft (3.96 m x 5.49 m)
Origin: Nepal Rugs

Beautiful Geometric Cream and Silver Modern Boutique Rug. Country of Origin: Nepal/ Circa Date: Modern – This modern art rug for your floor is the perfect piece for a room with mixed metal accessories or a touch of color in a cream and grey room. Its neutral palette and subtle geometric form create a feeling of softness that will catch and light and make the room feel open and airy. It is a versatile piece that provides plenty of inspiration for creating a space the reflects your unique design style.

Metals are in, whether your style is contemporary or traditional. In the kitchen, stainless steel and copper rule. In the living room, bedroom, or office buttered brass and chrome are favorites. Metallic pieces are paired with glass and hard surfaces for a clean, modern look. This modern rug is an excellent choice for a foundation that will highlight these features throughout the space.

The modern boutique rug uses a simple, geometric design with softened edges. The lines look like woven cloth or as if they were hand-painted. This gives the rug a warm, textured feel that complements the delicate hues of the design. This piece could take on a different personality depending on the furniture and accessories that you choose.

It could take on an elegant and refined look in a room with marble surfaces, black and white accents, and a few modern sculptural pieces. Its earthy colors allow it to be paired with natural woods, rattan, and textured fabrics throughout the space. Whether your home is a high-rise penthouse or a sustainable, eco-friendly space, this rug from Nepal will bring the look together and create a focal point.

Today’s design trends are about creating clearly defined spaces. Open-plan architecture is a popular trend, and in recent years, interior designers are turning to rugs as a way to define functional areas within the space. The Nepalese rug would be beautiful underneath a glass table with a few metal pieces on top to bring out its colors. Any way you style it, this rug is a beautiful addition to your home or office.

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