Modern Gray Abstract Design Contemporary Transitional Area Rug 61017

Size: 8 ft x 10 ft (2.44 m x 3.05 m)

Stunning Abstract Design Modern Transitional Rug, Country of Origin: Pakistan, Circa date: Modern – The thing about abstractionism as a whole is that the viewer is able to determine and interpret, for her or himself, just exactly what he or she is seeing. While the work itself may be titled with an intent to invoke a particular view, the viewer is still allowed to decide what he / she sees. The movement itself began at the beginning of the twentieth century, but its design principles remained present in some form or another throughout the last century and well into the modern art movement.

In this modern transitional rug, the principles of the abstract art movement are clear. You have what appears to be some semblance of a flowery pattern fading into a background of color. There’s no real way to tell exactly what the pattern is, much less what the background is. The dominating theme of all real abstract art is the abandonment of anything lifelike, and that is present in both the pattern and its background of this wonderful area rug from Pakistan.

Yet, the background itself is alive with both patterned and color. A juxtaposition of lighter sea foams and blues that seemingly represent the flora, meld into the carpet’s background of grays and charcoal with more splashes of a darker blue. Is it nature, or is it something else? Lack of pattern definition leaves the viewer with no definition of view, elevating the rug’s design to abstractionism and modern art.

To further complicate the concept of what this abstract rug really is, letters are woven randomly into the scene. One might assume, at first glance, that the rug weaver was affixing a personal signature into the modern rug, but upon closer view that doesn’t seem likely either.

Overall, this captivating and artistic transitional modern rug is one that can be viewed from multiple angles and numerous distances. Each angle with reward you with its own unique interpretation of the abstract pattern. Stare at it intermittently to garner a fresh perspective every time.

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