Minimalist Vintage Green Color French Art Deco / Art Nouveau Hallway Runner Rug 43082

Size: 3 ft 11 in x 14 ft 8 in (1.19 m x 4.47 m)
Origin: French Rugs

Woven in the 1920s, this antique carpet features a stark field enhanced with geometric borders that embody the sensibilities of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

Vintage Green Art Deco Hallway Runner Rug, Origin: France, This Antique French Runner Was Woven During The Early Part Of The 20th Century – This beautiful Art Deco vintage rug from France includes strong geometric lines woven in a handsome combination of forest green, celadon, ivory and muted apricot pink. Compartmental borders featuring a series of geometric divisions provide a formal frame for the outside of the carpet while symmetric checkerboards and forest green cruciform motifs surrounded by a series of stepped cartouches round out the inner borders and provide a dominant design element for this understated and exceptionally handsome Art Deco runner rug from France.

Reminiscent of the simple geometric lines used by Arts and Crafts designers and followers of the Craftsman Style, this unique vintage green color French Art Deco runner rug evokes the elegance of Art Nouveau designs as well.  Such as those created by Tiffany, Stickley and the most successful designers of the time.

This simplistic and open filed French art deco rug, is a wider size long and narrow runner rug. It is extremely soft and neutral which make it an easy piece to incorporate within your existing interior design style and esthetic. The lack of pattern and limited and soft color palette will add warm and a cozy feel to even the darkest and coldest of hallways. It’s use of soft green colors is quite rare to see in rugs, mostly due to the difficulties with creating a soft green color through the use of natural vegetable carpet dyes.

The French rugs are known for creating more romantic themed and colored antique rugs. So this more simplistic design an limited color antique hallway runner rug is quite the rare and exciting find. For those looking to create more calming feels withing their home’s interior design, this vintage green French art deco hallway runner rug would make a wonderful option.

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