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Antique Millefleurs Shawls and Textiles – Millefleurs tapestries were historically woven in Kashmir, a large and geo-politically influential region in Northern India. Made in a twilled technique, authentic Millefleurs tapestries from this region are among the finest virtuoso textiles to have ever been produced in the Orient. Modeled on designs from the Millefleurs or “thousand flower” Pashmina wool area rugs of the Mogul (or Mughal) period, these textiles utilize a dazzling array of small floral forms, delicately detailed in almost microscopic form.

Superbly fine weaving is a hallmark of Millefleurs tapestries, which showcase some of the very finest detail work of any Indian carpets. Extraordinarily precisely drawn detail work may be found throughout the entire composition of a fine Millefleurs tapestry. This creates an impressive overall quality, in which the textile seems to shimmer. Traditionally, the coloration of millefleurs textules is varied and rich, yet extremely nuanced and subtle at the same time. Generally, Millefleurs textiles display a design imbued with a gentle dynamism that radiates outward from the center of the composition. Ultimately, their format is that of a niched prayer rug. Uniquely beautiful compositions of the very highest aesthetic order, antique Millefleurs textiles from India represent the full potential of artisanal weaving.

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