Mid 19th Century Small Chinese Ningxia Rug 49798

Size: 4 ft x 6 ft (1.22 m x 1.83 m)
Origin: China

Magnificent And Collectible Mid 19th Century Small Chinese Ningxia Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: China, Circa Date: 1850 – This gorgeous mid 19th century Chinese Ningxia rug is a truly glorious masterpiece. A cheerful happy yellow hue saturates the majority of its facade, and a beautiful surface layer is filled with varying shades of blue embellishments which add a delightfully decorative touch. Final additions of delicate white diamond outlines give this small Chinese Ningxia rug a crisp, polished and sophisticated look. This convergence of age, design and colors  is why the antique Ningxia carpets are some of the most Collectible rugs today.

This small luminescent Chinese carpet radiates with the intensity of a bright yellow sun on a warm summer afternoon. The central field of this small scatter size rug is comprised of a large rectangular space, which is decorated with a symmetrical design of intricate diamonds and lifelike floral and vine scroll images. The diamond designs are pretty much identical in shape and size. That said, their color hues are drawn from a diverse color palette that includes exotic tones such as sandy beige, ivory, navy blue, sky blue and yellow’ish gold.

Four almost identical and one similarly designed floral wreaths are arranged in symmetrically precise placements in the antique carpet’s central field. The one larger and more open wreath is used to create the rug’s central medallion.  The style of this central design is also remarkably different. In this central motif, we see four ornate clusters of light colored flowers are separated by stunningly intricate vine scroll designs.  These vines are colored in two vibrant shades of blue and tastefully curled and twisted to follow the perfect ring like shape of the wreath.

The framing border combines the design elements of the central field in a truly satisfying way. Two bold royal blue bands encapsulate this elegant strand. Altogether, this sophisticated small Chinese Ningxia rug is sure to add a royal flair to any interior decorated space. A spectacular and one of the most beautiful Ningxia rugs, this piece needs to be loved and appreciated.

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