Magnificent Modern Swedish Inspired Blue Area Kilim Rug, Country of Origin: Modern Indian, Circa date: Modern – In the tradition of the classic Swedish rugs of the mid-20th century, this modern area rug from India combines natural and modern elements for a unique abstract design. One of the features that stands out about this modern rug is the way the artist used the elements to create a feeling of gently rippling water. The circular shapes remind you of the way patches of white reflect off the water.

The artist combined simple shapes in a way that creates motion in multiple directions and on many different layers. In mid-century modern design, Swedish and Scandinavian rugs were used as the center of conversation areas. Furniture design became minimalist, combining form and function, with narrow legs and plenty of open space underneath. Designers took advantage of this newfound artistic real estate and the rooms by using rugs that were a piece of artwork in their own right.

The idea of using the area rug as a focal point in the room elevated them to more than an afterthought. The area rug itself was often the first piece chosen, and the rest of the room was designed around this theme. Today, designers continue to choose the rug as an inspiration for the other elements in the space.

This magnificent modern flat woven area rug would be an excellent choice for an all-white room where it will create interest and add a touch of color. This would also be the perfect rug for a modern coastal space with steel and glass windows overlooking a natural water element. You could just as easily see this captivating kilim rug in a room of ultramodern furniture with chrome legs but with a few vintage elements sprinkled in to add flavor.

This is a versatile and imaginative piece that sparks your creativity and will allow you to create a space that has a unique feel. One of the main trends in design is moving away from a mass-manufactured look toward one that includes unique elements and reflects your personality. This is the perfect rug for a Scandi inspired decor or almost any creative interior design in your modern home, office, or home office.

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