Long Animal Design Antique Southeast Asian Laos Textile 46328

Size: 1 ft 10 in x 20 ft 3 in (0.56 m x 6.17 m)

Beautifully decorated, this inviting Laotian textile features an illustrative composition that depicts a traditional duo of benevolent deer and saang elephants.

Textile, Laos, Late 19th Century – This delightful antique Laotian textile features an exotic composition with cultural symbols and brightly colored animal motifs that are full of felicity. The intricately detailed elephants, which are revered for their benevolence and cultural importance, feature pronounced anatomical details that are complemented by a cloud of auspicious protection symbols. The decorative animal motifs are separated by rows of geometric stars that are said to ward off negative spirits. Decorative deer motifs with intricate horns counterbalance the mighty elephants and continue the ongoing pattern of potent protection symbols. Graceful palms, geometric animals and minute symbols complete the intricate composition of this decorative and highly evolved antique Laotian textile.

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