Long And Narrow Size Antique European Pattern Caucasian Karabagh Gallery Carpet 47262

Size: 7 ft x 20 ft 6 in (2.13 m x 6.25 m)

This antique late 19th century Karabagh carpet features a magnificent neoclassical triple medallion that draws influences from European trends and Western empires.

Karabagh Rug, Caucasus, Last Quarter of the 19th Century – This rare gallery-sized antique Karabagh carpet depicts a superlative triumvirate of neoclassical cabbage rose medallions that display lush bouquets and intricate architectural features. By borrowing and stylizing foreign designs, Caucasian weavers created a new Bohemian style that blends European trends and Eastern tastes. Each ornate medallion displays a lush poly chromatic bouquet, an ornate gilt frame and an architectural bezel that enhances the formal features. Blushing pinks, rosy reds and elusive violet hues are paired with tender greenery that’s offset sharply by the dark ground. Quirky Caucasian details and symbolic ornaments sneak in among the rose-garden field and ruby-red vines. The grand scale, precise symmetry and dynamic range of shaded colors and shadows embolden this lavish Karabagh rose carpet, which displays superb skill and unlimited creativity.

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