Large Soft Grey Color Modern Turkish Oushak Rug 60468

Size: 13 ft 4 in x 16 ft 7 in (4.06 m x 5.05 m)

A Breathtakingly Beautiful Large Soft Grey Color Modern Turkish Oushak Rug, Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa Date: Modern – Oushak rugs have a tribal feel that is perfect for both traditional and contemporary design styles. This magnificent piece brings a warm and inviting feel to space. It also has a color palette that is spicy and exotic. Oushak is a Turkish city that is known for its rugs of high quality and unique designs. They were once the weavers who created the designs that graced floors and walls of the Royal Courts of the Ottoman Empire. Oushak rug designs have been a favorite among designers and collectors for centuries, and now, they are once again creating inspired pieces to give your space a unique character.

This gorgeous carpet has a more traditional feel with its all-over design and traditional motifs. Oushak rugs are known for their creativity and variety of styles. They often use traditional Turkish designs and then give them a unique style that has an abstract character. This is what makes both ancient masterpieces and today’s modern Oushak rugs gorgeous works of art for your floor.

This Oushak has a more traditional feel in its design and motifs. Only, it also has a distinctive tribal style that contemporary and a bit eclectic. It would be the perfect addition to a Boho chic design. The artist used muted colors and a weaving technique that gives it a softened, aged appearance that would be an excellent choice for shabby chic décor. The rug has an earthy, rustic quality that creates a casual space for relaxing.

This modern rug could easily serve as a centerpiece for a retro room or for a minimalist modern design. Its colors would highlight natural woods, baskets, pottery, hand-forged wrought iron art, and other nature-inspired materials. In a Swedish Modern or and organic-inspired space with earthy colors and patterns, this rug creates a balanced and composed look. It is a modern twist on a classic, ancient design that will add an exotic feel to any contemporary design style.

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