Large Size Soft Decorative Color Antique Allover Tribal Geometric Turkish Oushak Rug 71694

Size: 12 ft 9 in x 15 ft 10 in (3.89 m x 4.83 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Decorative and Beautiful Large Size Antique Turkish Oushak Rug, Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa Date: 1900 – This splendid antique Turkish Oushak rug from around 1920 has an Art Deco feel that is perfect for a wide range of décor styles. The magnificent antique Turkish Oushak rugs are popular among collectors for their range of styles and unique designs. They are known for their brilliant colors and ability to bring character and charm to the space. This Oushak rug has a unique design with an oriental feel that would make it perfect for Chinoiseries or Boudoir-style rooms.

This antique area rug is elegant and features a floral design that has a garden-like feel. Its gracefully stylized willow trees give it a stately and formal feel. The captivating area rugs from Oushak are known for using traditional motifs but giving them a stylized geometric quality that is easily recognizable. It is this unique style that has made them favorites around the world. This Turkish rug brings a touch of nature into the room through its motif and creates a feeling of warmth through its colors.

Oushak has been a major center of rug weaving production since the beginning of the Ottoman Empire. It remained an important producer of some of the best rugs through the early part of the last century. The emphasis in Oushak rugs was on design and craftsmanship, making them a favorite among wealthier clientele who would often have a special piece commissioned for them.

The antique Turkish rugs from Oushak are a classic that is now featured on the pages of many architectural digest and interior design magazines today. These rugs are the foundation of bedrooms, family rooms, and formal dining room floors. They have a more primate flavor, but they are also sophisticated and elegant at the same time. These styles of area rugs are the go-to choice when the room décor calls for a piece that has a timeless feel and global character.

The tribal character of this decorative rug makes it perfect for a Boho chic room. It would also lend itself to a more formal space, too. Interior designers use Oushak rugs to add elegance to the space, often placing them in front of a sofa, or where they draw attention to expansive glass and steel features. This is a striking and unusual piece that is perfect for creating a unique style that is a reflection of your individuality and personal style.

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