Large Scale Allover Design Blue Background Modern Turkish Oushak Rug 60072

Size: 10 ft x 14 ft (3.05 m x 4.27 m)

Beautiful Modern Floral Oushak Blue Rug; Country of Origin: Turkey;  Circa Date: Modern – This modern floral Oushak rug carries on the beauty of the original Oushak rugs from centuries ago. Original Oushak rugs have been on the market for many years. They were made in Oushak, a small village in West-Central Anatolia, south of Istanbul, Turkey. Each of the Oushak pieces represented the life of the Oushak village as the patterns were and still are an inspiration of the environment. When the Persians started creating the Oushak rugs, they infused their hand-knotting skills in every piece to give the rugs a touch of life in Iran.

This modern floral Oushak features floral motifs with intricate patterns that join one flower to the next to create a beautiful field. It is rendered in so many colors including stone gray, orange, black, earth brown, red, yellow, and black. These colors create a perfect blend that will match any interior décor in any modern home.

The artisans sought to create a rug that evokes the feeling of nature in an interior space. The floral patterns along the edges of this rug are over a stone gray backdrop. At the center, the floral patterns have a black backdrop. Further, the intricate combination of colors flow to create a unique look where none of the colors is more highlighted than the next. Yet, the colors do not appear busy in any modern room.

The inclusion of a black frame on the edge of the rug gives it a great look. There are other cascading frame-like patterns all appearing to enclose the black floral pattern in the middle. The flowers do not appear in any pattern yet they seem to flow from one part to the next, creating a modern look and feel.

This rug is ideal for any room in a modern home. It is more suited to living rooms and bedrooms with the wide range of colors, matching the different colors that may be available in any of the rooms in a contemporary home.

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