Large Rustic Background Antique Serapi Persian Rug 49325


Size: 11 ft x 16 ft 3 in (3.35 m x 4.95 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Geometric and Beautiful Large Size Rustic Red Background Color Antique Serapi Heriz Persian Rug #49325, Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa / Date: 1900 – Fiery red tones work well with darker elements and gentle cream motifs to establish this Persian Serapi rug’s volcanic color palette.  A beautiful color palette that unifies the foreground elements of the antique rug and optimizes their placement. Through the use of more rigid lines and movements, the viewer is able to walk through the various sections of the Persian rug through the use of the grounding sections as the guidelines. The strong use of such motifs works well with the surrounding borders, and the parallels visible between the colors helps to add even more definition to the heart of the antique Oriental rug, where the negative space is elegantly dedicated to the motions, like setting the stage for a brilliant performance.

This elegant and striking antique Persian Heriz rug is perfect for any modern interior. It was woven around 1900 using traditional techniques that have been the foundation of rug weaving for many centuries. Heriz is a region known for its geometric rugs that were created in the weaving locals in the surrounding area.

Many of these workshops date back to the 16th century. This antique rug is unique in that it is the product of a cottage industry that continued to survive alongside the formal production centers of the city. Tribal rugs do not show that refined curvilinear precision and advances technique and the fine rugs woven in larger city centers. They are beautiful as a product of their cultural heritage, and they are the perfect addition to modern homes.

Today, Persian rugs continue to find their way into traditional and classic room designs, but they are also finding new life in contemporary designs. The dark background of this antique Persian Heriz Serapi rug makes it perfect for pairing with modern furniture, such as a navy sofa or with medium blues that are popular today. If your tastes are a little more on the minimalist or modern side, this Heriz rug will add a touch of color and create a focal point.

Today, many of the furniture styles have returned to a simple design that places equal emphasis on form and function. Many of our spaces must serve a dual purpose throughout the day. This means that you must have a rug that can transition as you move through your day, too. This rug is the perfect piece for entertaining, dining, or for creating an inspiring home office. If you need to set aside space in your home for reading or creative work, this Oriental rug is the perfect foundation.

We continue to find new ways to use antique area rugs in modern contemporary home interior decor, and they continue to play an important role in our homes. This one has a tribal charm that gives it a more casual feel and makes it suitable for a wide range of modern design styles. It is a captivating Heriz Persian area rug that you will cherish throughout the years.

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