Large Pomegranate Vase Design Antique East Turkestan Khotan Rug 72848

Size: 16 ft x 18 ft 8 in (4.88 m x 5.69 m)

Spectacular Large Pomegranate Vase Design Antique East Turkestan Khotan Rug, Country of origin: East Turkestan, Circa date: 1900 – The high contrast ground of this exquisite antique East Turkestan Khotan rug is balanced by the sandy borders of this Silk Road treasure. The colors of the nighttime desert drift across this beautiful antique Oriental rug using a rhythmic pomegranate pattern that captures the essence of its origin. An origin area that has served as a bridge between the Middle East and the Orient through the ages.

East Turkestan in general and the city of Khotan itself, situated in an area that lies along the historically significant Silk Road route.  This antique rug is a fine example that features formal elements found in traditional Near Eastern carpets.

It’s oriental roots can be felt through its use of a color and design. The central ground surrounded by a complex system of borders, also expresses its oriental roots through the use of simple oriental motifs and geometric patterns in the ground and borders. This large antique pomegranate design Khotan rug brings both worlds together in a way that also gives it a traditional oriental feel, but also a more geometric casual Art Deco influence too.

This large size antique pomegranate design Khotan rug is extremely versatile and can create a sense of formality just as easily as it could create a more casual feel. Using both horizontal and vertical symmetry, combined with the use of repeating patterns, the pomegranate design motifs in the ground were meticulously rendered. They were stylized using geometric lines to depict a more floral scene. This play on geometry and floral designs, combined with the soft and decorative coloration give rise to this magnificent and rare example.

The multilayered complex border contains elements that are reflective of those found in Chinese artwork. All of these elements are brought together using subtle shades and a simple color palette. Midnight blue and neutrals dominate the color palette which broken by subtle brown that has been worked into the border to add an element of interest.

This simple palette allows the eye to focus on the design elements and use of geometric design form. This large antique pomegranate design Khotan rug would be a beautiful addition to many different interior decor styles that need a touch of unique artistic beauty and a casual relaxed and inviting feel.

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