Large Oversized Ivory French Aubusson Antique Rug 46451

Size: 18 ft x 34 ft 6 in (5.49 m x 10.52 m)
Origin: French Rugs

This antique French Aubusson carpet is an elegant example that represents the lush architectural style and romantic botanical motifs that captivated European aristocracy for centuries. The softly colored field has a luxurious aura heightened by the delicate color palette and fragile floral motifs. Precise shading adds a painterly realism to the dimensional leaf scrolls and romantic cabbage rose bouquets. The masterful design incorporates broad open spaces that give the delicate composition an ethereal levity. Multiple sets of architectural borders and gilded acanthus leaf frames support the sophisticated floral medallion. Subtle asymmetric accents and decorative objects, including a papery chorale booklet and shaded straight horns, emphasize the romantic Rococo style of this splendid antique French Aubusson carpet.

Large Oversized Antique French Aubusson Carpet, Country of Origin: France, Circa Date: Late 19th CenturyPersian rugs and oriental design elements were highly popular throughout the 19th century. It is not surprising that many of the formal elements of Persian rugs found their way into the work of designers throughout Europe. This example of a late 19th century French Aubusson rug is a magnificent example of this design era.

In the overall arrangement of the antique French rug design one can see a central medallion, pendants, formal corners, and a formal border. These are all elements that are borrowed from traditional Persian rug design. However, the individual motifs are carried out in a stylistically French manner. The fine detail of antique French Aubusson rugs allows the use of intricate swirls and shading, as can be seen in this beautiful design.

The color of the large palatial oversized rug from France uses tone on tone and the use of color saturation to achieve its contrasting design elements. Many of the soft colors of the design elements seem to fade into each other, creating a sense of delicacy and subtlety. The palatial size of this ivory antique French Aubusson rug also hints as to its original intended use. It is a symbol of opulence, decadence, and French wealth of the late 19th century. The ability to incorporate oriental design elements is also a reflection of wealth and power.

This outstanding and quite massive example showcases the skill and craftsmanship of the French Aubusson rug weavers. Is is such a big rug and can only be enjoyed by those who have a space large enough to carry the scale of this oversized antique Aubusson carpet. This is a one of a kind historical French flat weave carpet that is just as spectacular today as it was in the era that it represents.

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