Oversized 19th Century Antique French Aubusson Rug 47241

Size: 17 ft 2 in x 25 ft (5.23 m x 7.62 m)
Origin: French Rugs

Elegant Oversized 19th Century Antique French Aubusson Rug, Country of Origin: France, Circa Date: Mid 19th century – This breathtaking oversized carpet from the mid-19th century demonstrates the elegance and skill that makes these carpets some of the most desirable in the marketplace. The Aubusson carpet workshops were established in 1743 primarily to produce carpets for the nobility. At the time, the Savonnerie workshops were created to produce pieces specifically for the court, and they were not made available to the public. The Aubusson workshops established themselves as an outlet for fine carpets that were available to anyone who could afford them.

This piece shows the formal design and attention to detail that makes these carpets stand out. They were created for use in estates and public buildings as a way to show off one’s wealth and power. The layout and design of Aubusson carpets were influenced by the oriental carpets that had made their way to France across the Silk Road for many centuries. Eventually, the carpets began to reflect the world of French artwork and paintings.

You can see the influences of French architecture in the design of the piece. The central medallion is a design that is borrowed from Persian and Chinese carpets, but it also mimics the ornate domes that you often find in churches and cathedrals throughout the region. The floral elements in the corners remind you of the large vases overflowing with flowers that you would expect to find in French estates and formal gardens. The gorgeous floral border is another element you often find in Persian carpets, only it has evolved into a style that typifies pieces from the Neoclassical period.

Aubusson carpets are a rare find, as most are in the hands of collectors, and this one is a fine example. This carpet will give the room a touch of sophistication as only Aubusson carpets can do. This is an excellent opportunity to own a carpet that is an important part of history and one that will make a grand statement in any space. If you have any questions about this or any of the other fine carpets in our collection, feel free to reach out to our team with any questions.

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