Large Oversized Antique Light Blue and Cream Floral Chinese Area Rug 45644

Size: 13 ft 10 in x 23 ft 4 in (4.22 m x 7.11 m)
Origin: China

Fretwork spandrels, botanical medallions and elegant floral motifs with delicate outlines are paired with powerful good luck symbols in this antique Chinese rug.

Chinese Rug, China, Circa 1900 – Delicate floral motifs incorporating apricot pink hues and soft neutral tones are offset by the piercing blue field. This elegant antique Chinese rug features a circular floral medallion surrounded by layered vine scrolls with re curving tendrils and prominent chrysanthemum motifs. Isolated floral motifs and auspicious bian fu bats decorate the saturated field at precise intervals. Irises, orchids, pomegranates, bamboo clusters, chrysanthemum flowers, cherry blossoms, ruyi clouds, poly chromatic leaves and carefully shaded bats create an airy forest of beautifully varied botanical elements as they cross the field. Articulated fretwork spandrels set among dense floral decorations mark the edges of the field while softly colored ivory borders feature vine scrolls, spiraling tendrils and charming floral motifs rendered in a transitional color scheme. Seashells, fish, endless knots, blossoms with isolated petals, and circular Shou medallions decorate the symbolic borders that enclose the richly colored field.

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