Large Oversize Antique Persian Sultanabad Rug 50654

Size: 14 ft 6 in x 22 ft (4.42 m x 6.71 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A hypnotically elaborate Herti fish design pattern crafted with dark stitches spreads across this antique Persian rug, filling every inch of the ivory-toned central field.

Large Oversize Herati Pattern Antique Persian Sultanabad Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1910 – Sultanabad is an area that is known for exquisite carpets. As far as carpet production is concerned, it is a relatively recent newcomer, but it was able to quickly establish itself for the artistry and beautiful use of color in its designs. This carpet features the herati motif and was created around 1910.

The exclusive design and detail of the antique Persian carpet attest to the artistry and skill of the designer. It uses earthy colors in browns, blues, and ivory to create a palette that is peaceful and harmonious. It uses an allover design with a repeating motif.

The herati is a design that is often found in Sultanabad carpets. It represents water or fish. In this way, it has a connection to water as the bringer of life and its importance in the abundant life that we have on earth. The designer of this carpet repeated the motif throughout the field of the carpet. You can also see stylized representations of it throughout the border.

Sultanabad oversized carpets, such as this one, were often created as commissioned pieces and were the work of highly trained artists who designed the carpets and oversaw their creation by an equally trained team of weavers. This carpet has a high knot density , and it could have taken a year or more to produce, even with the most highly skilled hands.

This carpet is formal and would be the perfect addition to a room with elegant furniture and fine details. The artist used deep chocolate lines to highlight many of the shapes in the carpet’s field. It is filled in with light touches of color, giving it the appearance of a watercolor painting. This is a piece of fine art, as well as a beautiful floor covering. It is in excellent condition and is the perfect addition to any collection or formal room design.

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