Large Flatwoven Scandinavian Modern Swedish Design Contemporary Rug 72664

Size: 11 ft 9 in x 17 ft 10 in (3.58 m x 5.44 m)

Charming Large Flatwoven Scandinavian Modern Swedish Design Contemporary Rug, Country of Origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern RugsSwedish rugs and Nordic styles keep coming back, and for good reason. These minimalist styles evoke a feeling of well-being and center on the idea of simplicity. This design style focuses on creating a visually pleasing space with an uncluttered appearance. It is about creating a space that places relaxation and creativity at the forefront, and this gorgeous blue and gray rug will help set the tone.

The heart of Scandinavian design is in lighter woods and neutral tones. It can withstand the occasional pop of color as an accent, but it is generally more subdued. The design is simple and uses geometric shapes in a way that has simple lines, forms, and rhythm. This gives modern rugs like this one a calming effect that is enhanced by the calming effect of the color palette.

Soothing blues are being used in traditional ways, such as pairing them with white or light gray walls. They are being blended with neutral tones, and designers are adding a few deeper tones to the palette. Now, you don’t have to choose only one, and you can mix your favorite blue in the same room. You can mix lighter tones with deep navy and royal blues for a dynamic effect that doesn’t go over the top.

Lighter shades of blue make the room feel more spacious and open. Adding in a few deeper shades creates a more dramatic effect. Blue is a versatile color that is able to used anywhere in the home from the bedroom to the kitchen to the living spaces. The softened shades of this kilim rug create a cozy feel and add personality without straying too far from your neutral tendencies. Blue is an earthy color that reminds you of the sky and water. It can give any space a coastal feel. This modern flat woven area rug is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to give your home or office a Scandinavian inspired feel.

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