Large Fine Antique Tabriz Haji Jalili Persian Area Rug 3209

Size: 11 ft 9 in x 16 ft 5 in (3.58 m x 5 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This exquisite antique Tabriz recalls the great classical Persian court carpets.

Finely Woven Large Size Antique Tabriz Rug by Haji Jalili, country of origin: Persia, Circa Date: Late 19th Century – Some works of art stand out as masterpieces that will only come around once in a lifetime, and this spectacular antique Persian Tabriz rug is one of them. The details of this antique Persian carpet stand out in striking clarity, which requires spinning gossamer threads to create a fine weave with an exceptionally high knot density. This fine rug is soft to the touch and drapes like heavy fabric, more so than a denser carpet. This adds to its delicate appearance.

This antique Oriental carpet is exceptionally rare, as it is woven from both cotton and wool. Cotton can be spun into an extremely fine thread and brushed in the finishing process to give it a luster. The wool gives it softness and warmth.

The antique rug was produced in Tabriz during the late 19th century. Tabriz was established as a carpet school in the 16th century. This particular carpet reflects the exquisite design and artistry that allowed Tabriz to become a world-renowned carpet center and remain so for hundreds of years.

The massive physical size of the rug contrasts with the delicateness of the design elements. The beautiful browns, ivory and light blue / sea foam accents blend in a way that appears as if a painter placed them on a canvas with a brush.

The maker of this antique Tabriz Persian Haji Jalili rug was a true master weaver. The fineness of the weave of the Haji Jalili rugs mean that they probably took a team of highly skilled craftsmen, working under the supervision of the master weaver, well over a year to complete. The medallion and corners of the field almost appear as if they are a watercolor painting over which a pen has delicately drawn the design.

The artist combined a masterful use of color and the density of the design to create visual impact. The borders of the rug are created using an intricate, small-scale design. The artist contrasted the intricacy of the border design with corners and a center medallion that has a larger scale design and is less dense in the placement of the motifs. The solid rust border separating the two areas creates a dynamic contrast that makes this beautiful rug stand out as an artistic masterpiece.

Many elements of this fine antique Persian Tabriz rug make this one a rare find and one of the best rugs which does not come around often. It will be the pinnacle piece in a collection. It stands out as the work of a master artist, whose name may be lost in time forever, but who brought his sublime work to the world through this Persian Tabriz carpet.

This exquisite antique Tabriz recalls the great classical Persian carpets designed for the Shahs and their courts. It is not easy to achieve the serene balance between opulent detail and reserved elegance that this carpet displays. The central medallions and the corner pieces of the field are rich with intricate arabesque ornament that plays off wonderfully against the tranquil ivory ground, Rows of botehs or paisley surround the whole field like a penetrable frame, defying our notions of space and limitation, and making a gentle transition to the finely detailed borders that actually enclose the field.

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