Large Antique Persian Garous Bidjar Blue Background Rug 71343


Size: 11 ft x 17 ft 8 in (3.35 m x 5.38 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Magnificent Large Navy Blue Background Antique Persian Garous Design Bidjar Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1880 – Bidjar lies in northwest Iran in the Persian Kurdistan region. The design and technique of these rugs make them among the best of Persian rugs. As their repertoire is quite varied and rich, it is difficult to identify them by their patterns alone.

This antique Persian Bidjar rug brings together spectacular blues, greens, tans and reds to create a stunning piece that offers a sense of color and vibrancy. Many of the tribal antique garous design Persian Bidjar rugs display Kurdish design influences and often incorporate floral and geometric rug patterns as well as large, decorative medallion designs. The rich color palette combined with the beautifully rendered garous pattern, makes the Bidjar rug a truly artistic and beautiful piece.

This regal, large size area rug features deep solid dark colors with a tribal design comprising alternating red and yellow motifs. The garous design features boldly drawn angular elements comprising red and ivory split arabesques. The variations in scale and the elements of this large scale Persian Bidjar rug result in a majestic yet beautifully balanced composition. The color is rich and varied, with wonderful saturated blue, red, ivory tones as well as flashes of yellow and green. The darker blue background creates a captivating juxtaposition that helps bring out the pattern details to its maximum effect and provides depth and clarity to the design.

The variations in the scale of the designs and the elements of this large scale antique Persian Persian Bidjar carpet produce a superb yet beautifully balanced composition. The border wonderfully balances and frames the composition with a mix of medium sized floral forms and intricately drawn objects.

Magnificent Persian rugs, such as this captivating Bidjar carpet, are made in traditional, distinctive and unique ways. In addition, the antique rugs that were woven in Bidjar are probably the most densely woven of all the rugs. They were woven to last and can take beating which is why they are called the “iron rugs of Persia” or “three generation rugs”. This makes them amazing options for high traffic areas as well as offices and regular home use. The Bidjar weave is a primary distinguishing feature of the Bidjar style, which is one of the densest and most durable rugs.

The antique Persian Bidjar carpets are found in a range of patterns and designs from all over design, medallion format and graphic or garden patterns. Occasionally, their drawings are both classically precise and wildly tribal, and their wool is luxurious. If one is looking for one of the best of the best, this antique Bidjar rug is a remarkable rug that will garner much love and attentions wherever it ends up.

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