Large Antique Fine Persian Kerman Carpet 50405

Size: 14 ft 3 in x 21 ft 9 in (4.34 m x 6.63 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A breathtaking array of movement and finely detailed floral work springs to life before the viewer of this beautiful antique Persian rug.

Large Antique Fine Persian Kerman Carpet, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1910 – This delicate and dreamy fine Kerman carpet uses blues, reds, and browns to create a garden design that is refined and elegant. The carpet dates from around 1910 and demonstrates the elegance that made Kerman carpets highly sought after by collectors.

The Persian carpet has a dense design that uses florals and formal vases to bring the elegance of a formal garden indoors. Throughout the carpet, you can find a wide range of florals, including tulips, old-fashioned roses, and grapes. Each of these flowers has a special meaning conveyed through the language of flowers. For instance, the tulip is a symbol of abundance. Grapes are also a sign of abundance, where roses are a sign of love.

This antique carpet has a delicate design and colors that are easy on the eyes. Through the arrangement of the key design elements, the artist creates a feeling of flow and movement across the piece. This carpet demonstrates a level of artistry that allows that artist to create a carpet that evokes a feeling of the sublime and a connection through its design. Carpet designers from Kerman were among the most famous carpet designers in history, but even so, some pieces stand out more than others for their transcendent qualities, such as this one.

This piece has a formal, elegant feel that reflects a refined taste. It is perfect for historical décor, such as Victorian, Edwardian, Arts and Crafts, and any traditional décor. Carpets of this size and intricacy were often pieces commissioned for estates, palaces, or public spaces. This carpet is a rare find for its artistic quality that is almost like viewing a fine painting. It is the perfect addition to a room that reflects sophistication and refined taste.

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