Decorative Modern Geometric Swedish Style Rug, Country of Origin: Modern Indian, Circa date: Modern – This wonderful modern rug successfully juxtaposes a design of cuneiform triangles and rhombuses rendered in a reindeer palette, illustrating the dramatic meld of Middle Eastern and Scandinavian beauty.

Viking merchants distributed artisan goods from the Byzantine Empire to their northern homelands, influencing carpet design among other arts. The peoples of Sweden adopted the symmetrical Turkish Ghiordes rug knotting and high KPSI techniques for their own needs in the subarctic climate.

It’s easy to lose yourself while viewing this modern Indian carpet with its large multicolor houndstooth pattern. The contrast of warm rose, cool gray, and palest taupe transports you to a vision of dancing waves on the Norwegian Sea at sunrise. Such a work of art is best featured in a room where people can study its nuances of abrash color variations.

The weavers of modern India deserve recognition for their ability to select the best characteristics of their carpetmaking traditions along with the most distinctive of Swedish art and design. Both countries are proud of a heritage going back centuries taking advantage of natural dyes and hand-selected yarns to create durable, tightly woven area rugs.

In Sweden and the other frigid Nordic lands, people found that quality carpets could be more easily cleaned than fur. As a result, they often used such textiles and the actual Swedish rugs as bedding. In India, on the other hand, Oriental carpets became coveted by wealthy patrons for their intricate and exotic images of animals and florals. The demand spread into Europe, resulting in the market quickly producing large numbers of cheaper area carpets.

Modern times have brought a growing appreciation of the diversity of other cultures and their traditions while integrating bold and daring experimentation. The 20th century launched an era for the creative synthesis of disparate elements to be increasingly appreciated by connoisseurs of well-made and beautiful crafts.

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