Ivory Textured Modern Distressed Runner Rug 60884

Size: 3 ft 1 in x 13 ft (0.94 m x 3.96 m)

Charming Ivory Textured Modern Distressed Runner Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – This gorgeous ivory hallway runner rug has a distressed look and a gentle design that is clean and updated. This year, interior design is all about creating texture within the space for a cozy and inviting look. This modern distressed rug has a minimalist design that is created using a high and low weaving technique that accentuates the design and adds dimension.

This runner rug from Afghanistan is perfect for a long hallway, or you could use it as the foundation for a layered rug over carpet interior decor look. In an all-white room, this wool rug adds pattern and softness. Black and white are a classic color combination that continues to inspire designers in the creation of spaces that are dynamic and energetic. In the past, white and black spaces were dominated by solid-colored walls and solid furniture upholstery. Now, designers are mixing colors and patterns to add interest and give this classic look an update.

You could use this modern rug in neutral tones, white, and black rooms, or you could use it as the inspiration for adding a range of colors. You could add browns and greens for a more natural look, or you could add blues and blacks for a contemporary color combination. This handmade area rug is versatile and can support either warm or cool colors in the design.

The possibilities for this modern distressed hallway runner rug are not limited to the hallway. You could use this area rug to layer over another rug or to visually connect different areas of the space. Along a wall, it makes the perfect foundation for a charming vignette of your favorite things or a few family photos. A white rug is a staple that allows endless design possibilities. Any way you decide to use it, this piece will make a beautiful addition to your office or creative space in your home.

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