Ivory Berber Design Modern Moroccan Style Rug 60166

Size: 2 ft 8 in x 9 ft 8 in (0.81 m x 2.95 m)

Beautiful Ivory Berber Design Modern Moroccan Style Afghan Runner Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – The artful and contemporary geometric design of this modern rug was inspired by designs that were popular in mid-century modern interiors. The fascinating geometric designs of Moroccan rugs were the perfect complement to streamlined furniture and multifunctional spaces. Today, architects and designers are once again turning to the past for inspiration to create spaces that can serve multiple purposes and these new versions of classic area rugs from Morocco are the perfect finishing touch to the room.

Open-plan building designs incorporate spaces that can transform from an office by day into an intimate and relaxing space at night. This means that the pieces chosen for this space must also embody the concept of being functional and multipurpose. Designers use neutral colors and geometric designs, such as this piece, that work well with many contemporary styles.

One of the features that drew mid-century designers to Moroccan Berber rugs was their soft texture and natural feel. The artist of this piece captured the essence of these designs in the luxurious texture and simple lines. However, they also gave it a modern flavor by creating a background in neutral colors that will complement any space.

This modern Moroccan style rug is the perfect piece for a narrow kitchen, hallway, or for any long narrow room of the home. It is the perfect touch for an all-season room with plenty of plants around and natural light, or it could create an intimate space in an industrial style or ultramodern design. This magnificent runner rug provides the flexibility to express your creativity, regardless of your style. It is a contemporary piece that draws its inspiration from the past and combines it in a way that is fresh and energetic.

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