Ivory Background Mostofi Design Antique Persian Halavai Bidjar Rug 70663


Size: 7 ft 8 in x 15 ft (2.34 m x 4.57 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Gorgeous Ivory Background Mostofi Design Antique Persian Halavai Bidjar Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Antique Persian Rugs, Circa Date: 1880 – This gorgeous Mostofi design antique Persian Halavai Bidjar rug from the 1880’s brings a delightful summer bouquet to the interior design of your home. The swirling vines and delicate floral pattern make it perfect for a traditional or contemporary room setting. This magnificent antique Persian rug brings an inviting and optimistic feeling to the room with its beautiful pinks and reds.

Every room should have a focal point, and a beautiful handmade rug that you love is the perfect piece to bring the room together. This remarkable antique rug will add brilliance and color to a room with solid neutral furniture. You could add a few accent pieces in reds and pinks sprinkled throughout the space to create a cohesive design. This Bidjar rug will make an excellent complement to traditional furniture, such as a set of wingback chairs or a formal dining table.

You could easily use this rug as part of a layered look for a Boho Chic, traditionally or even a Maximalist interior design space. If you want to carry the floral theme throughout the space, you could include some French toile curtains or throw pillows. This piece was created at a time when the Persian rug industry was undergoing a revival, and many of the master weavers were busy creating some of the most beautiful pieces in the world.

This Mostofi design antique Persian Halavai Bidjar rug has a romantic quality that strays from the more typical Persian rug designs that you find on the market. You could easily layer this rug in patterned floral upholstery on traditional or antique furniture to carry this charming theme throughout the room. This ivory background rug allows you to create a classic look in your space that is refined and elegant.

This is a unique piece and a rug that will bring a traditional look to your home. The sweeping lines and graceful curves give it an organic feel that is perfect for modern and contemporary looks, too. Any way you look at it, this piece is a gorgeous addition that will set the tone for a beautiful room design.

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